Global Belly Laugh Day – The Top 5 Belly Laughs of All Time

OK, first up: Global Belly Laugh Day is a suspicious holiday. Like totally one of those made-up dealies conceived by the “funny butt-stuff” lobby. Which, by the way, hasn’t returned my membership calls.

So is it even legit enough for a blog post? There’s no Wikipedia article for it, and the only “official” website looks like it was made it 1997. Shameful.

Legit or not, I see what you’re up to, GBLD. You know what you do best: make people feel good. And I can dig that, especially now. We all can. We all love to laugh, to guffaw. Chortle. Maybe sneak in a “Heh” or three. But nothing beats a good old BL, that joyful, full-on, I-can’t-help-myself-but-go-for-it laugh that shakes the belly like a bowl full of jelly.

So here is my list of top 5 belly-laugh-inducing comedy clips. It’s jelly time.


Number 5 – Jim Carrey and Steve Carell in Bruce Almighty

Arguably this is all Steven’s handiwork, but Jim is right there with him playing the puppet master. And really, Jim could probably do Steven’s part backward and blindfolded:


Number 4 – Chris Farley as Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker

Watch it the first time for Chris Farley’s physical antics and Bob Odenkirk’s writing. Watch it the second time to see David Spade and Christina Applegate losing their minds trying not to laugh.


Number 3 – Robin Williams, Doing Anything

Really, who was better than Robin when it came to generating belly laughs? Here’s a clip of him almost single-handedly demolishing a cooking segment on the Martha Stewart show. They’re making a delicious something or other, but who really cares when Robin is around being this funny. She’s controlled and precise but he still manages to break her quite a few times, to her apparent chagrin and our delight.


Number 2 – The Entire Cast of Bridesmaids

Butt stuff. Always funny: 

Number 1 – One of the family dinner scenes from the Nutty Professor. Yes, that one.

I love funny characters, and nobody does it better than Eddie Murphy. We saw it on SNL, and movies like Coming to America. But in The Nutty Professor, he took it to a new level, playing almost every character around the family dinner table. And also butt-stuff. 

So now I just need to tie it back to marketing, because that’s what we do here: Um, a good belly laugh is hard to come by, you need to have the perfect mix of message, audience, and timing. Just like in marketing.


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